Target candidates for employment by choosing individual sites to place job openings via our private placement network or use our run of network option. We provide transparent reporting on each site you have chosen to place your job opening.


Private Ad Placement

Get Access to the Best Places Online for Your Job Advertisements

Creating job advertisements with quality content and finding the right segments of job seekers to target is only half the battle. There are so many websites and online job boards out there. Once employers create a group of job listings, it can be difficult trying to find the most effective places to advertise online. If you want access to a select network of proprietary and publisher websites where you can publish your job listings and target high-quality talent, take advantage of StaffAttract's Private Ad Placements.

There are multiple factors to take into consideration when recruiting talent, such as what websites and online job boards are within your budget, and where the best places are to target the specific pool of talent that you want to apply to your job ads. Finding these websites can involve a lot of footwork for employers, but StaffAttract already has a network of valuable ad publishers, ad networks and ad exchanges where job seekers can view your ads, right at your fingertips.

Introducing StaffAttract's Private Ad Placements

Using StaffAttract's Private Ad Placements, employers can create cost-per-click campaigns for their unique job listings and have them placed on our network of proprietary and publisher sites. Private ad placements allow publishers to be more selective about who is advertising with them. So, this means that you will experience less competition and hassle to get your ads placed on relevant and highly trafficked websites, without having to place outrageous bids. This is guaranteed to significantly improve your ROI and campaign performance. StaffAttract's Private Ad Placements also help employers track the performance of their ads, so they can then determine which websites and apps are worth advertising on again. Private ad placements give employers more transparency regarding where their ads are being shown, when and to what segments of their audience. Using private ad placements, it's also easier for employers to ensure they do not exceed their advertising budget. StaffAttract keeps track of the available inventory of ad space and ad sizes our ad publishers have, and help employers find the best places for their job listings. Then, StaffAttract helps employers negotiate a reasonable fixed price for the ads.

StaffAttract's Private Ad Placements ensure employers aren't showing your unique job listings too often to the same audience, which is a waste of advertising budget. Employers purchase new ad placements in real time, and their ad impressions are served immediately. StaffAttract gives employers exclusive access to ad placements on reputable websites and online job boards. Don't waste your job ads in places where the right job seekers never see them. Programmatically buying ad placements through StaffAttract allows employers to track, analyze and better target job seekers by placing the right ads in the right places to the right audiences. StaffAttract takes care of every step of the process, by sending instructions to the website or online job boards, telling them which audience segment to target, where, with what type of ad, and with what message.