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Reporting Management

Introducing StaffAttract's Reporting Management

To ensure that your advertising campaigns are working, that you are staying within budget and making the most of the money you spend, you need StaffAttract's Reporting Management.Our Single login reporting management system allows employers and publishers to track and analyze the performance of advertising campaigns in real time. This means you can monitor minute-by-minute how effective your ads are and make adjustments to imporve your advertising, so you attract better talent to your job ads more quickly

How StaffAttract's Reporting Management Can Help Employers

For advertisers, reporting management allows you to see who is purchasing your products or showing interest in your product, and how they are getting to your website (through keyword searches, referrals, etc.) Our reporting management system includes traffic reports to the websites your job ads are placed on, reports of how many impressions, clicks and conversions your ads are getting, and insights about what kind of audience is interested in your ads. You can see how much you are spending on advertising on a daily basis, and how much of that spend is converting into quality job leads.

A huge part of advertising is testing and making adjustments to your campaigns. You may think a specific audience segment will respond well to an ad, or that a specific type of ad will convert more leads. By testing different types and sizes of ads in different locations, you continue to learn what works to meet your advertising goals, and what doesn't. Since many employers buy ads across a variety of websites, apps, ad exchanges and ad networks, you need to be able to compare the performance of your ads across all these channels. StaffAttract's Reporting Management allows employers to see which advertising sources are converting not only the most job seekers, but job seekers that have the talent you need for your job openings. With real-time reporting, you can see where your advertising is best focused, which ads are the best to use, and make adjustments accordingly.

Use StaffAttract's Reporting Management to Improve Advertising

For employers to ensure their advertising goes as smoothly as possible, make sure everyone at your business that is involved in your advertising efforts has access to StaffAttract's reporting management. This can include recruiters, hiring managers, salespeople, web developers, etc. This prevents ad space from being purchased by more than one person on your team, and it ensures that ad campaigns that were ineffective in the past wont' be run again. Also, StaffAttract's Reporting Management can track users across different channels, so you don't end up with multiple profiles about the same job seeker in your database. When you plan advertising campaigns to begin and end on certain dates, everyone on your team will receive reminders. StaffAttract's Reporting Management gives you an easy way to see which campaigns are running at what times. Based on the reporting results from your ad campaigns, your team can make individual assessments and suggestions and collectively make the best decisions for future ad campaigns.

How StaffAttract's Reporting Management Can Help Publishors

For publishers, reporting management allows you to make better decisions about what ads to place on your websites by seeing who is visiting your site and what interests your audience has. By comparing reporting analytics to your goals, you can see whether the ads you already have are producing the level of interest and revenue you desire. Reporting management helps publishers determine which advertisers are worth their ad space, and what types of advertisers you should seek in the future to bring more traffic to your site. Also, if a certain ad space seems to be performing well, you can adjust the bids and get more money for that ad space.